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Theses for promoting equality,

non-discrimination and diversity

in the music sector

The bases for the theses for promoting equality and diversity in the music sector were created during Music & Media event on October 5, 2017. A working group consisting of music industry professionals has written the theses into their final form. 


The theses aim to advance the shared, equal future of the music industry in Finland. We invite all music professionals to sign and share the theses.


The project is coordinated by Music Finland.

Lue suomeksi täältä.

We undertake to our best ability to comply with the following operating principles intended to promote equality,
non-discrimination and diversity in the music sector.
Our organisation undertakes to draw up or update an equality and non-discrimination plan and to apply it in practice.


Read more.

We undertake to promote equality and non-discrimination proactively in our communications.


Read more.

We undertake to observe the principles of equality and non-discrimination in recruitment and hiring, and to guarantee everyone a safe and non-discriminating workplace environment.


Read more.

Our aim is to achieve equality, non-discrimination and diversity also in the administration and management of our organisation.

Read more.

We embrace diversity in our artistic decision-making. 


Read more.

Children and adolescents have the right to choose their musical path without prejudice and irrespective of their background and gender. By our own actions and examples,
we can encourage them to
make bold and independent choices.



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